Put the legal experience of Ascension Traffic Ticket Arrest Warrants and Attachments Lawyer Paul Massa to work for you.

I can have Ascension, Louisiana traffic ticket arrest warrants and attachments for arrest recalled in the City Courts, Parish Courts and Municipal Courts across Louisiana.

Unpaid Ascension traffic tickets and citations don't ever resolve themselves. They only get more complicated, costing you in many ways: money, time, missed work, a suspended license and even arrest. If you have a New Orleans arrest warrant or attachment for your arrest due to an unpaid traffic ticket(s) or citation(s), it is best deal with it immediately before the situation gets more complicated and more costly. Talk with experienced traffic ticket arrest warrant lawyer Paul Massa.

Bench Warrant: If you failed to show up for court, or made a court appearance, but you failed to comply with the orders of the court, then they may have issued a bench warrant. You often have two options: resolve the issue or go to jail.  I always recommend resolution over jail.

Telephone and Internet consultations are always FREE with no obligation.

Some people ask: It's just a Ascension traffic ticket arrest warrant, can you really be arrested and taken to jail?

YES – Ascension police make an effort to arrest every person with an outstanding traffic warrant in the city. Traffic warrants are real warrants.  If you are identified by a Ascension police officer or Louisiana trooper while you have an outstanding traffic warrant you are subject to immediate arrested.  This is true even if your traffic ticket was for something simple like expired license plates, having a light out, or running a red light, or even a computer mistake.

If you have an outstanding Ascension traffic arrest warrant that has been reported to DMV, you can not renew your Louisiana driver's license. Let us do what it takes to get your driver's license straightened out.

What happens after the arrest warrant is resolved through our legal services?

If your Ascension traffic ticket has an arrest warrant attachment or a bench warrant for your arrest has issued because you missed the Court date on the ticket, I can help you with the traffic ticket violation in court by negotiating an agreement with the prosecuting attorney or judge in addition to resolving your arrest warrant.

If your Ascension ticket went into warrant after you have made arrangements with the Court or Court window or clerk, often I can arrange to reinstate the original agreement with additional time to complete the requirements.

Don't Risk Going To Jail!  If you have been contacted by the Ascension courts, turn to the traffic ticket warrant attorney Paul Massa for a free consultation of your New Orleans traffic warrant case. I offer services throughout the State of Louisiana.

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